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Performer Bio

Hi there.

I’ve been a professional stripper for many years and have been lucky to work extensively in the UK and abroad in countries like Poland, Greece, Gran Canaria, Malta, Ireland and more.

I have a wide range of costumes and always work with a smile on my face and a naughty glint in my eye. I am happy to perform as for anyone for any occasion so don’t hesitate to get in touch and tell me about any ideas or requests you may have. If I can accommodate you I will.

I am a trained actor and have worked in many sectors of the entertainment industry throughout my working life. My passion for performance and my flair for theatricality stand out in all my performances. Work is never dull and never a chore.

I’ve worked for the Adonis Cabaret in their resident shows in Brighton, Bournemouth, London and Newcastle and now I am delighted to be able to offer online digital entertainment too.